Monday, September 5, 2016

Wonderful Beginnings

What a wonderful week-- the students were raring to go this week!  We were learning new routines, getting to know our classmates, setting up notebooks and having lots of fun. One of the routines we learned is CHAMPS:  

C- Coats and backpacks are hung up on the hooks
H- Hand in Home Folder
A- All notes to Mrs. Vielleux
M- Make a lunch selection
P- Pencils sharpened and water bottles filled
S- Start morning work

Here are some photos from the week:

Who doesn't love it when Big Papi shows up to teach a lesson?

Ms. Bauer reads us a story.

Reading with the whole third grade.

Putting our math notebooks together.

MORE math notebooks 
Someone didn't want his picture taken. 
Someone wanted to make a silly face. 
Caught someone reading

End of the day fun 
Waiting for dismissal 

Graphing with Glyphs

Boat making begins

Boat making 
Boat making

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