Monday, November 7, 2016

Scenes from last week

What a fun week we had last week.  The trip to VINS was amazing.  We spent some time looking at turtles they had been working with, visited with some injured birds and went on a hike to look for clues about a moose mystery.

Every time I go to VINS, I learn something new.  This time, I learned:

-- If you find an injured bird, don't spend too much time with it.  The birds will imprint on you and then won't be able to be rehabilited properly.  For example, there's a crow living at VINS who either thinks he's a human or thinks we are all crows.  Either way, he's too friendly with people to ever live in the wild again.

-- If you bring a bird to VINS because it is injured, they will invite you back to see the bird released into the wild.

-- Some birds hold grudges.  They will attack the people who have to do health checks on them, but they are super friendly to the people who feed them.

--There's a 40 year old Wood Turtle living at VINS, and for her birthday VINS made her a cake made out of mushed up dog food with a blueberry on top.

Here are some photos of the trip:

Comparing wingspans
This owl was hit by a car and they think it can't see out of one of its eyes.  It was very interested in what we were doing.
Snapping turtle and a Painted Turtle.  The Painted Turtle was much older than the Snapping Turtle, but they are the same size.  Snapping Turtles grow much faster.  These turtles will be released into the wild in the spring.

But enough about field trips!  In math this past week, we have been learning about equal groups along the number line.  For example, one group of four, two groups of four, three groups of four and so on. This will help us get a visual picture of repeated addition and the need for multiplication.  

Here are some photos of us making the number lines this past week:  


Xtramath has been upgraded to allow the kids to practice their multiplication facts.  Keep this up as much as you can.  Flashcards are also a good idea!

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