Monday, November 21, 2016

Everything Multiplication

This is arguable, but I believe that multiplication fluency is one of the most important skills for future success in math!  EVERYthing from here on out mathematically relates to multiplication and multiplicative reasoning.  Learning multiplication facts will make everything else easier... I promise.  Practice them in the car.  Practice them in the bathtub.  Practice them at the dinner table.  Practice them anywhere and everywhere you can. In the meantime, here are some fun videos that may help them learn the facts.








Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ms. Bauer

Ms. Bauer, our intern this fall, is gone!  Such a sad day for us.  Like all interns, we knew she was going to move on, go back to school and continue with her life, but we will certainly miss her.  We made this video for her last day.

Remember, we only have school on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  In addition to the regular events of the week, we have an illustrator coming to visit the school.  John Steven Gurney is the illustrator of the A-Z myteries and third graders will get to spend an hour with him on Tuesday.

Practice multiplication facts.  Third graders will be coming home with an area multiplication game they can play over the holidays with cards or dice.  It's lots of fun and a great way to practice multiplication.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Scenes from last week

What a fun week we had last week.  The trip to VINS was amazing.  We spent some time looking at turtles they had been working with, visited with some injured birds and went on a hike to look for clues about a moose mystery.

Every time I go to VINS, I learn something new.  This time, I learned:

-- If you find an injured bird, don't spend too much time with it.  The birds will imprint on you and then won't be able to be rehabilited properly.  For example, there's a crow living at VINS who either thinks he's a human or thinks we are all crows.  Either way, he's too friendly with people to ever live in the wild again.

-- If you bring a bird to VINS because it is injured, they will invite you back to see the bird released into the wild.

-- Some birds hold grudges.  They will attack the people who have to do health checks on them, but they are super friendly to the people who feed them.

--There's a 40 year old Wood Turtle living at VINS, and for her birthday VINS made her a cake made out of mushed up dog food with a blueberry on top.

Here are some photos of the trip:

Comparing wingspans
This owl was hit by a car and they think it can't see out of one of its eyes.  It was very interested in what we were doing.
Snapping turtle and a Painted Turtle.  The Painted Turtle was much older than the Snapping Turtle, but they are the same size.  Snapping Turtles grow much faster.  These turtles will be released into the wild in the spring.

But enough about field trips!  In math this past week, we have been learning about equal groups along the number line.  For example, one group of four, two groups of four, three groups of four and so on. This will help us get a visual picture of repeated addition and the need for multiplication.  

Here are some photos of us making the number lines this past week:  


Xtramath has been upgraded to allow the kids to practice their multiplication facts.  Keep this up as much as you can.  Flashcards are also a good idea!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why are we special and unique?

This week was a flurry of orange as we celebrated DBS' Unity Day-- a day where we stand up to bullying and celebrate our differences.  To kick off the month, we showed a video to the students at the monthly assembly.  If you missed it, the video is here:

It definitely pulls at the heart strings!

On Thursday, we put the finishing touches on our "What is unique and special about you?" paragraphs.  We can't wait for you to see the final product on the bulletin board in the hallway during conferences.

We even got to spend our Otter Bucks on some body and facepaint.


On Friday, indoor recess made for some photo opportunities, and despite the rain, it certainly looked like good fun was had by all.

Guess who?

Computer games were a popular choice.

Who said football in the classroom wasn't a good idea?  Ms. Oydanich learned quickly that this crew is serious about their football!
Upcoming Topics:

Writing:  paragraph writing
Math: arrays and multiplication
Science: Organisms and Environments
Social Studies:  Woodland Indians
Reading:  Various Goals
Second Step:  Empathy
Class Council:  Bullying Prevention

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hartford Hot Spots

Check out the spots our kids like to visit in Hartford.  If your child's hot spot isn't listed yet, it's because he or she is not quite done writing about it!

Also, we enjoyed the Quechee trip.  Here are some photos from the day.  Did you know that the Quechee Gorge is 165 feet deep?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Getting down to business

The kids and adults seemed to have settled into a routine.  Parents often wonder what their child's day is like, and in third grade, it's all about routine.  When they come in for the morning, the students have learned to check the board for the morning message.  Sometimes it directs them to go to their email and follow the morning greeting message sent to them.  Other times, there is work to complete at their seats.  Either way, it is a time for the adults in the room to say good morning to the students and make sure each one has what he or she needs to be successful for the day.  It's also a little bit of social time for the kids.  

Then, by 8:20 the call for morning greeting is called.  On the particular morning below, we were greeting the whole third grade so that we could then practice mindfulness with Ms. Bowen.  We usually do this whole grade meeting on Wednesdays.

On this day, after mindfulness, it was off to PE.  It was BIKE WEEK!  We are embracing growth mindset throughout our day, and bike week was no exception. I heard tales of kids getting better and better with their biking skills.  

The ladies in the photo below certainly proved "no pain, no gain."   They each had a bloody injury, but also had smiles to show they survived!

By this point in the day the kids are starving and it's snack time.  The students love snack time because they get to sit and socialize.  Once in a while we let them venture through the "wallway" between the two third grades and they can eat with their other classmates.

Following snack it's time to get back to work.  Math with me is first followed by literacy with Mrs. Pfeiffer.  After these core times, it's time for interactive read aloud.  Our first book is called Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant.  

Lunch and recess is next, followed by silent reading, reading groups three times a week, science or social studies.  At 2:20 we all start to pack up, gather our materials and unfinished work and get ready for the following day.

Third grade is a busy time, but the students are getting used to our expectations and are meeting many challenges.